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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Good Morning Foodies! It looks like this month is just flying by. We will be approaching March and the Easter holidays, before you know it. I am so sad that the azaleas are trying to bloom—way too early! They should never bloom in February—what will it look like when real SPRING comes around! Ugh! But, you know like my old grandma use to tell me: “NORMAL IS JUST A SETTING ON THE DRYER!” I guess nothing is really surprising anymore. I have to share one of the funny stories from our ski trip. I was watching the evening news and the big story over there is the legalization of marijuana! They all wanted it and voted it through. Now, there is a huge fight because everyone and his brother, is growing it—YOU KNOW LIKE WE DO WITH CREOLE TOMATOES! Someone was to suppose to make a profit, but no one needs to buy it, if they grow their own. Here is the funny part of the story—I was passing a restaurant in the ski village and in the window was this sign: “We Serve Our Three Favorite Things Here–CHICKEN—POT—PIE!” Gotta love that! I think will stick to the old favorite—WINE! The Perfect Wine Pairing is Me and Any Bottle! Have a great weekend and be safe!

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