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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Good Morning Foodies! So, another week, has come and gone! I promise you, this roller coaster, ride is now in the down and out mode, no slowing down and going back up hill. All the way down, full speed!I hope you get a chance, to go back to last Thursday’s posting, and take advantage of services of people in your community. You know we are all good at something and some things, we really have no clue how to do. This is when you call upon those with blessed talents and say, I need help with this. If you can’t cook, find someone who can. Have this person contribute to the meal or find someone who sells it. Don’t make yourself nuts over something you have no control over. Do you know in all my life—I HAVE NEVER COOKED A TURKEY! No clue how to do it! I am sure I could research it, but I know people who can do it, with their eyes closed. So, I give that duty over to them gladly. You know, the one person, I really would like to meet in my life, is the person, who knows what to do with that little packet of thread and extra sequins, when you buy a BEDAZZLED OUTFIT! Seriously, what do you do with that! I have a hard enough time keeping up with all the extra buttons you get with shirts, blouses, pants, shorts, coats, jackets, etc. I remember being in an antique shop once and seeing this “THING” made with all leftover buttons! They were asking a catchy price for it! I thought now that person had vision. For me, the other day, I saw in Paul Deen’s Christmas Issue, some measuring spoons that were magnetic. Now I thought, that is a sign of some intelligent being. You know when you buy a set of measuring spoons you pull them apart because you do not want to have to wash the whole set just because you use one spoon. How many times do I search through the drawer for that little “1/8” teaspoon—NOW IF I HAD THOUGHT OF MAGNETIC MEASURING SPOONS—-I WOULD BE BACK ON THAT TROPICAL ISLAND!

For the final touch today, I am posting pic of Grand Peep with his REINDEER CUPCAKES! So cute! Have a great weekend and be safe out there! Watch those CRAZIES WITH POWER-OPERATED BUGGIES!

Grandson Luke with cupcakes
Grandpeep Luke
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