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Alice setting her Christmas table.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Good Morning, Foodies!  Today, will be my last posting until possibly January 15, 2013.  I have committed to some catering during the holidays.  It will also give us time to work out the kinks in the website.  The thing, I want to say to today, has to do with your table setting.  I know you are thinking, “WHAT!”  I would like for you, this holiday season, to think about setting your table with real china and flat wear and glasses.  Do not use paper and plastic!  I am not promoting GREEN STUFF—just normal civil dining.  Yes, if you ask my children, I am crazy about collecting china, etc.  I just love it!  I find when you set a table, the people who sit there, tend to be calmed down and relaxed.  It gives your guest a special feeling.  When you serve with paper plates, etc., the HEATHENS,  show up for dinner.  It is wild.  I am not saying, there is not a time and place, for paper plates, etc. but this holiday, I think deserves a little more time and effort.  You will find your family, guests, etc. will even think the food taste better, served on nice dishes.  I love the way it appears!  Yes, there will be more dishes to wash, but look at it as another way to gather with the family.  Everyone get in the kitchen and cleans up.  Put on some Christmas music, sing, sway and clean.  You will enjoy it more than you think!   At the end of each season, I go to stores like Pier I, Dillards, Macy’s, Bed, Bath and Beyond and buy new dishes.  Sometimes you can get things for $1.00 per dish or glass.  You don’t even have to have them match.  I love to mix and match.  Try it!  You cannot beat a beautiful table setting to get your guests’ attention and most importantly, their admiration for all your hard work.   IT MAKES THEM FEEL IMPORTANT!  So as you all gather around the table this holiday season, take time to stop and reflect on those families in Connecticut.  As we stop to celebrate the gift of life and those whom we love so much, our children, families, friends and our community.  Today we may hold our children a little closer, trying to reach out to our neighbors and most importantly giving thanks for all the wonderful moments and memories we have shared.  Those families whom have suffered such losses will have such a tough time to enjoy this holiday season.  DO NOT TAKE ANYTHING FOR GRANTED!    I HOPE YOU HAVE A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A MOST JOYFUL  AND BLESSED NEW YEAR!  YOU CAN CHECK EVERY NOW AND THEN, I MIGHT BE ABLE TO SNEAK A POST IN EVERY NOW AND THEN ON SOME ENTERTAINING TIPS!  I AM TO ANAL NOT TO CHECK ON IT!   SEE YOU IN 2013!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  BE SAFE!

Alice setting her Christmas table.

Decorations on Christmas table.
Christmas Table.
Christmas Dishes.
Christmas place setting.
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