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Childrens table decorated for their Christmas feast.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Plate of Christmas Cookies
Christmas Cookies for the Grand Peeps!

Good Morning Foodies!  Christmas is just 5 days away!  Where did all the time go!  Tomorrow, I get to do my Christmas gathering with my PEEPS AND GRAND PEEPS!  So excited to have them!  Santa is even making an extra early trip to come and visit them.  Don’t forget to make place settings special for the GRAND PEEPS!  They also like that extra special treatment feeling!  Have a great day and holiday!  If you are travelling, be so aware of your surroundings!  People tend to be so distracted while driving during the holidays!  You know your mind is in a million places!  Be Safe!


Childrens table decorated for their Christmas feast.
Christmas Table for my Grand Peeps.


Cute litte Ginger Bread house.

Cookies all laid out to cool.


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