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Swollen From Crabs!

July 30, 2013:

Good Morning Foodies! Today will be my last posting for crab recipes. I am thinking that is a good thing. Don’t know about you but all that salt tends to help you swell up. You know us gals, don’t need any extra help when it comes to swelling up. I have just decided, “I AM NOT FAT OR SWOLLEN, JUST EASY TO SEE AND THANK GOODNESS, SWEAT IS FAT CRYING TO GET OUT!” One of today’s menu is CAPONATA. I always make this recipe this time of the year because fresh eggplant is everywhere. I keep it in my freezer. I love having this recipe all year round. It is great as an appetizer, cold, room temperature, hot or served over pasta. I have won several cooking contests with this recipe. The Morning Advocate of Baton Rouge will feature my recipe every so often. It was selected as one of the top ten best recipes ever published in their newspaper. I am very proud of that. This is a recipe that has been handed down to me and I take great pride in it. So enjoy the recipes today and have a great day! DON’T BE CRABBY!!!!!!!!!


Today’s Menu:

Alice’s Marinated Crab Claws and Mushrooms
Caponata with Whole Wheat Pasta


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