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July 29, 2013:


Good Morning Foodies! It was a nice weekend. I was an official SLUG! The nice Saturday rain made it even nicer. Just sat there and did nothing. Needed that to restore my energy level. Missed my site and all my foodies. I am not believing my eyes when I look at the calendar! Is it really the last week of JULY! I think this summer has really flown by! You know August doesn’t count as summer vacation. What happen to the days when you didn’t start school until after LABOR DAY! I just look at it as another month that I can still wear my WHITE SHOES!!!!!!!!

As you can see from my title, I am still in a CRABBY MOOD! I just can’t get enough of those delicious little critters! So before we get wrapped up into all the BACK TO SCHOOL MODE, I thought I would finish out the month of July with a few more CRAB RECIPES! I still miss catching my own crabs. I don’t know about you but we never had to go far to go catch them. It seems like now you have to go somewhere that takes the whole day to get there and back. JUST DON’T GET ME STARTED—CAUSE I DON’T COME WITH BRAKES! So enjoy these last few days of JULY! Have a great day!

Today’s Menu:

Alice’s Crab Stew
Marinated Fresh Green Beans and Squash Salad


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