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Today’s Menu:

Elegant and Easy Chicken Rice Casserole

Smothered Okra

 Tangy Key Lime Cheesecake

Good Morning Foodies: A most fabulous evening was held at the STEAMBOAT RESTAURANT IN WASHINGTON last night. It was a great crowd. The atmosphere, food, and wine were at their peaks. The décor, table settings and the service, needless to say, were so beautiful and elegant but so warm and friendly. Hats off to JASON AND HIS STAFF, for the most delicious meal and service, the WILLIAMS OF WATTLE CREEK, for the most divine wine and FRANKIE AND PEANUT ELDER, for help putting this gathering together.

I think the STEAMBOAT should do more of these. It is a nice break from a normal restaurant visit. If you have never tried one of these WINE DINNER/PAIRINGS, give it a try.

Today’s chicken recipe is a great one for holidays and freezing ahead. Nice to have all done in the freezer and tote over for family gatherings or beach trips, etc. With all the summer veggies, starting to kick in, the okra recipe is always a nice one to have on hand to make and also freeze. I always freeze extra to have for those nice gumbos in the fall. YUMMY—I love this!

Have a great day!

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