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Today’s Menu:

Hot Mummy Dogs

Ghoulish Greeting Punch

Cupcakes from the Graveyard

Good Morning Foodies! Today’s menu was one of my favorites from my younger days when I had my “PEEPS” going about and doing their “TRICK OR TREATING”. At that point in our lives, we lived in Park Vista Subdivision. You never saw so many people out and about. You could never buy enough candy to supply the masses. The one thing that I do remember is gathering with friends and our kids and cooking the meals and apps. Usually the HUBBIES, would take the PEEPS around the neighborhood while the GALS got the food together. Some great memories. The menu today was one of those you could prepare ahead of time and dazzle the kids, as well as the adults, with your creativity. Plan ahead so you can enjoy all the things that bump in the night!
Have a great day!

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