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Today’s Menu:

Yummy Yammy Pork Chops

Lemony Bacon Wrapped Asparagus

Toffee-Topped Sweet Potato Pie

Good Morning Foodies! As you can see the “WICKED DAYS OF GOBBLING UP CANDY” are quickly approaching. Don’t know about you but HALLOWEEN AND EASTER are my best two excuses for buying all that junk candy saying I need it for “TRICK OR TREATERS” and filling those “EASTER BASKETS AND SOME FOR THE EGG HUNTS”! Best excuse to eat all the leftovers! This only works if you buy in excess—IN WHICH I DO PROUDLY!
Starting tomorrow I will post some “GOBBLY TREATS” for young and old! I am still posting some menus with the great “YAM”! I wish we still had the YAMBILEE! This was a fun-filled family adventure! Missed those creative people who would make something out of the yam shape and name it. Soooo cute!
Some of the items posted this week are great dishes to prepare to have on hand if you are having crowds over after the neighborhood scavenger hunt for the best candy served! However you choose to celebrate this crazy holiday-enjoy the moment! When I approach someone’s door and knock or ring the doorbell, I merely say, “NO FEAR, DON’T NEED YOUR CANDY-HAVE PLENTY AT HOME—I AM ONLY HERE FOR THE 

Did you catch that!

Have a great day!


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