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Today’s Repeat Wednesday Menu:

Shrimp Tarts 

Festive Skillet Jambalaya 

Gadget: Individual Home Made Ice Cream Bowl Machines!

Good Morning Foodies! Sorry for the delay, had some computer difficulties! Today, I am going to skip right to the gadget of the day—maybe of the year, or lifetime. I believe this gadget shows that the “DEVIL” exists and there is “EVIL” in the world.
Are you ready for this!!!!!!!!!!! It is an individual ice cream maker. Yes, you heard me right!
Meet the coolest-ever way to whip up your own customized bowl of homemade ice cream. For a sensational soft-serve dessert, simply add your favorite ice cream base to the pre-chilled bowl, then stir and watch your creation freeze right before your eyes. In about 10 minutes, you’ll be savoring the ultimate frosty treat, made just the way you like it.
You can make all the fabulous frozen desserts from ice cream to gelato to frozen yogurt, sherbet, or sorbet.
Just chill the stainless steel bowl in the freezer, slip it into the colorful insulated sleeve, and add your chosen ingredients.
When it comes to flavors, imagination rules. Choose classics like vanilla, strawberry and chocolate but go for exotic options like, expresso bean, salted caramel, peanut butter, etc.
This is a great personal ice cream maker for dessert lovers of all ages.
The purchase includes the stainless steel bowl, protective sleeve and ice cream spoon and complete instructions.
The Zoku company offers this product.
Cuisinart makes one that will make 1 ½ quarts of ice cream in 20 minutes.
Don’t know about you but I think I need this, maybe one for each day of the week! This could definitely be a dangerous but delicious purchase!
Have a great day!

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