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Today’s Repeat Wednesday Menu: 

Mint Julep 

Alice’s Sausage Bread 

Southern Grits and Grillades

Today’s Gadgets:
Progressive Collapsible 3-In-One Carrier 
Giant Pink Cupcake Carrier

Good Morning Foodies! Today’s gadgets are something I think you MOMS would love because you can tote goodies to the ball parks, beaches, parties and other outings/gatherings.
The first is the PROGRESSIVE COLLAPSIBLE 3-IN1-CARRIER. This is great to carry snacks, sandwiches, cheese bites, fresh fruit, etc.
The second is the GIANT PINK CUPCAKE CARRIER! Don’t know about you but have messed many a cupcake carrying those little boogers to outings! This is a miracle worker. I just love this gadget. You are definitely going to want this one!
Today’s REPEAT MENU is a great one. My SAUSAGE BREAD is an all-time favorite of my family and friends. I usually make this recipe in early fall and freeze them and use as needed (WHICH IS PRETTY OFTEN)! This is one of those recipes that is worth making multiples and having on hand. They are good for breakfast, brunch, lunch, snacks or appetizers. JUST LOVE THIS RECIPE!
Have a great day!

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