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Good Morning Foodies! As you can see from my title, we are off to the BEACH with PEEPS AND GRAND PEEPS. I need to pull out my all-time favorite T-SHIRT FOR THE BEACH—-It says, “CAREFUL, YOU ARE ABOUT TO EXCEED THE LIMITS OF MY MEDICATION!” I think it gets their attention.
As I get older, I do relish these moments to spend with my family. With the crazy age of electronics, it is so important to break away from all those gadgets and make human connections. If I could teach my PEEPS AND GRAND PEEPS one thing is this: “PUT AWAY YOUR IPHONE, IPAD, ETC. AND PAY ATTENTION TO THOSE TALKING TO YOU! THERE IS AN “APP” FOR THAT AND IT IS CALLED “RESPECT”!
I saw a sign the other day about “LIFE LESSONS YOU LEARN FROM THE OCEAN/BEACH”. I thought it was great! It went like this:
“Be SHORE of yourself! Come out of your SHELL! Take time to relax and COAST! Avoid PIER PRESSURE! SEA life’s beauty! Don’t get TIDE down! Make WAVES!” I THINK WE CAN ALL LEARN FROM THIS!
You know me, I will post some of our adventures and share in some of the foodie things.
Will be back posting on, Tuesday, June 24th and will kick into the menus for the upcoming FOURTH OF JULY FESTIVITIES!
Have a most wonderful and productive weekend!

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