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My Overgrown Zucchini From My Garden!


Good Morning Foodies! Today’s menu is a good one for me because I am heading to The Big Easy this weekend for several fun-filled events. The Sazerac and Grilled Seafood Po-Boy might just be what I need!
Today’s gadget from E’s Kitchen might be just the right tool for you PROUD RAGIN CAJUN FANS. Those men working the grills for FATHER’S DAY might like the little handy sporty spatula.
I have been experimenting with the mass amounts of zucchini coming out of my garden. As you can see, I have difficulty picking the zucchini at a normal size! My daughter-in-law, Nicole, was here the other day and she was my tester. She loved the salad and I told her I shredded my zucchini in my food processor. She found this gadget and said she really likes it. It is called the VEGGETTI. I believe she found it at Wal-Mart, better known as HELL-MART, to me!!! I agree because the processor can make them quite small and mushy. I would say if you are an expert get the MANDOLIN but I have even seen major chefs, ruin a few fingers with that device. I HAVE BANNED IT FROM MY HOME-TOO DANGEROUS FOR ME!
I will post my new little zucchini recipe today. It is a great dish for these warm days and is so refreshing and delicious.
Have a great day and stay cool!
My Overgrown Zucchini From My Garden!
My Overgrown Zucchini From My Garden!
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