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Today’s Menu:

Pasta Palazzo

Little Maw-Maw’s Italian Fig Cookies (Cuccidati)


Good Morning Foodies! Today’s gadget from E’s Kitchen is THE AQUA ZINGER WATER BOTTLE. This amazing bottle works by subtly infusing water with flavors. From cucumber to lemon and lime, to blackberries, kiwi, strawberry, raspberry, peach, ginger and even mint and basil—the Aqua Zinger can infuse them all. Mix and match and get creative. The flavors and ingredients are only limited by your imagination.

The features of the AQUA ZINGER are:

-Vacuum insulated, double wall stainless steel keeps your drinks cold or hot

-Wide mouth top allows for easy filling and ice cubes, if needed

-Cushioned base through a soft rubber base pad to prevent slippage

-Imported bottles with American-Made BPA/EA-free Tritan plastics from Eastman

-Food grade safe 18/8 stainless steel (no metallic aftertaste)

-Large ingredient cup allows for maximized flavor

-Easy to clean


-Carbonated water friendly

-20 oz. bottle

This sounds like a must for those upcoming hot, humid days!

Today’s menu is one of my all-time favorites. It was my dad’s favorite especially when those fresh tomatoes are in season. You will love this easy and fantastic recipe.

Have a great day!

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