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Good Morning Foodies! Tomorrow, I get to witness, GRAND PEEP, BLAIR’S FIRST COMMUNION. I am so lucky that this is a repeat performance since I was not able to attend the first ceremony! Yes, I am so thankful that I get to see this—proves God loves me!

Also next Monday, is that fantastic WATTLE CREEK WINE/DINNER PAIRING at the STEAMBOAT in Washington, LA. I heard they sold out. Should be a great evening with Chef Jason doing his magic. Hope to see some of you FOODIES there.

I know some of you out there are busy gearing up for GRADUATIONS and other ceremonies. What a fantastic time to celebrate achievements! I know this can be a crazy and overwhelming time of the year. “I OFTEN QUESTION MY SANITY—STILL WAITING FOR A REPLY!”

This time of year is such a wonderful time to see the enthusiasm in the young. Their eyes are wide open and searching for ways to accomplish those bold dreams. We can only be there to give the encouragement. Just don’t let them have the saying, “I KNOW HOW TO KEEP THE DREAM ALIVE—I JUST HIT THE SNOOZE BUTTON, OVER AND OVER”—-NO, NO, NO! Help them to spread those wings and soar!

Have a most wonderful and productive weekend wherever you may be!!!!!!!!

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