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Today’s Menu:

Creamy Orzo with Saute Spinach

Saute Spinach

Todays Gadget: Herbsicle

Good Morning Foodies! Today’s menu was a big hit last year at this time. I did a whole month of spinach recipes. I find that spinach is one of the most versatile veggies around. If you don’t care for spinach, you should try different recipes. I think eventually you will find one that will be a winner. I know it is a veggie that does not just have great flavor alone but when added to spectacular other ingredients, it is outstanding. You have to be a little open-minded!

The gadget today from E’s Kitchen is the world famous ‘HERBSICLE – FROZEN HERB KEEPER”! Isn’t that the cutest name for a gadget!

This gadget will freeze and preserve fresh herbs for use all year long. All you have to do is fill the herb keeper up with a full bunch of leafy green herbs, then twist the top on tight. Place the HERBSICLE in the freezer and hours later you have got a popsicle of frozen herbs. You then use a knife to cut off the desired amount or grate directly into the food you are preparing.

To sum it up the HERBSICLE will:

1-Freeze and preserve fresh herbs

2-Comes with twist handle to secure the herbs

3-You can label handle for quick identification of the herbs

4-Is top-rack dishwasher safe

I THINK I NEED THIS! I waste so many fresh herbs because they roll over and die before I can use them up.

That time of year is coming up where I like to plant my herb garden, so I will definitely need this GADGET! You will see below that Paul of E’s Kitchen was so kind to put me in his weekly newsletter. Thanks Paul! Everyone have a great day!


Time is just flying here at E’s Kitchen, but that’s what they say when you are having fun. We love this time of year and have already made it to one parade. After all the celebration though we start lent. I have not written many of my seafood recipes so I would like to share one from our good friend Mrs. Alice. Here is a link to a great Shrimp Casserole and a super blog for those that love to cook.

Hope to see you at the Roundup this Saturday before you head out to the parade.

We Make Cooking Fun

Paul Ayo

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