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Good Morning Foodies! Just a reminder that I will not be posting next week. Going to enjoy all the MARDI GRAS FESTIVTIES that I can get to. This past weekend we were lucky enough to babysit two of the GRAND PEEPS—THE TWO BOYS! It was very strange not to have any girls around! They are so different in the way they entertain themselves. All the girls were at the lodge celebrating one of the GRAND PEEP’S BIRTHDAY! We did manage to get them all back to their parents in one piece even though we had two incidents. One had a smashed finger and one choked on a piece of ice. WHAT DO YOU EXPECT WHEN OLD PEOPLE ARE MANAGING THINGS! You know my most favorite thing about having the GRAND PEEPS over—first, just love having them, especially those who live out of town and we don’t see very often, but it gives me the excuse “TO GO AND BUY ALL THE TRASH FROM THE GROCERY STORE AND FEEL NO GUILT”! I know when the check-out clerk gives me that look—I just merely say, “GOT THE GRAND PEEPS COMING”! Now, whether she believes me or not—NOT SO SURE! I have two GRAND PEEPS, celebrating birthdays while the site is closed. I want to wish my two beautiful GRAND GIRL PEEPS, TYLER AND SAVANNAH, a very HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope your special day is grand!

Okay Foodies—those of you who can get into the FAT TUESDAY FESTIVTIES—GEAUX GET IT. Don’t just sit back and say, “IT IS WHAT IT IS—that might be true, BUT IT WILL BECOME WHAT YOU MAKE IT!”


Remember GOOD TIMES are even better when shared with FAMILY AND FRIENDS! Who knows you might meet and make new friends! Whatever you do, please stay safe! See you on, Monday, March 10th—BY THE WAY, LENT IS ALSO ON THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!





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