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Today’s Menu:

Spicy Yam Salad

Easy Pot Roast

Crunchy Roasted Broccoli

Today’s Gadget: The Trudeau Stress Less Line Featuring The Pizza Cutter

Good Morning Foodies: Even though this is Wednesday, I am not doing REPEAT WEDNESDAY. I will do the REPEAT MENU AND GADGET ON FRIDAY! I am trying to get back to normal. We so enjoyed our visit from our out-of-state friends. One couple was from FLORIDA (made the LSU/FL GAME) interesting; one couple is from AUSTRALIA (NOW LIVE IN HOUSTON) and the other couple was from CALIFORNIA. You know us SOUTHERNS do HOSPITALITY to the HILT. We tried to give them a little bit of every food group we have here. They seemed to like everything. Our dear friend, COLONEL WINTON VIDRINE, made his famous TURTLE SOUP for the gang. Some of you may not know, but WINTON, was once a chef at COMMANDER’S PALACE. Whenever he cooks for us, it is a real treat.
Now, I am trying to get back on track. As I said before, this month is dedicated to our great “YAM”. I hope you are enjoying them. YAMS JUST MAKE THINGS TASTE BETTER!!!!!!!!
Have a great day!


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