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Today’s Menu:

Fabulous Veggie Burger

Yam Tater Tots

Turtle Pumpkin Pie

Good Morning Foodies: If some of you live in this area and have significant others that love to hunt, here is your time to do lots of ahead planning, baking, cooking and freezing for the holidays. I am not so wild about my house looking like CABELA’S after a CLEARANCE SALE, I do like the time it gives me to bake my 100 plus PUMPKIN BREADS; make my PRALINES AND PEANUT BUTTER BALLS AND FRUITCAKE COOKIES; prepare and freeze my WINTER SOUPS/STEWS/BISQUES! I like my time alone in the kitchen as much as I love my HUBBY’S BAKED DUCK, ETC. It is a give and take situation. We all know the saying: “THE ROOSTER MAY CROW LOUDLY BUT IT IS THE HEN THAT DELIVERS THE GOODS!” HUBBY would say to me, “DON’T CRY AND COMPLAIN”! My response is, “REAL WOMEN DON’T CRY THEY “WINE”!
Have a great day in whatever you do!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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