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Recovery From Festival But Onto More Festivals

April 30, 2013:

Good Morning Foodies!  I really needed the day off yesterday to get ready for this week’s postings and upcoming festivities.  Just have to go with the flow!  I recently got a new camera and have been learning to operate it.  So, as I was getting ready to get photos, of the past few events that I catered, turned on the little machine and this is what it said—“CAMERA AND BATTERY ARE EXHAUSTED!”  If I didn’t think that was so funny, I probably would have thrown it on the floor and squashed it.  I thought, I need that on me—when someone pushes my button—it would say—“SORRY GEAUXASKALICE IS EXHAUSTED!”  NO SUCH LUCK!!!!!! Had the most fabulous time in New Orleans!  The weather was unbelievable, the full moon, the food, the wine and all the people were just working well together.  Love seeing THE BIG EASY  on the rise! This week will feature two events this coming weekend.  The first being CINCO DE MAYO and the second, THE KENTUCKY DERBY!  Once again, it seems like all the celebrations fall upon each other.  They are all too good to let pass unnoticed. You will have to just pretend that the foods blend together and just ignore that they really don’t.  This is the only way I can squeeze them all in together.  Take note of the flatbread appetizer—it seems like flatbread is the hottest little thing right now.  You really can do so much with it!  It is good for appetizers, breakfast, lunch, sandwiches/wraps and yes, can also be made into a sweet dish, just by changing the filling.  You can also find that it comes in various flavors.  Give it a try!  I hope you enjoy the recipes.  These are some of my favorites.  Have a most wonderful day!

Today’s Menu-Cinco de Mayo:
Combination of Today's Menu
Combination of Today’s Menu
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