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Good Morning Foodies!

Lookie, Lookie Here—-If you had to put a start and stop point on the calendar, JUNE, is one of those months. We are transitioning from school planned activities toward summer, and hopefully family activities.

The next couple of months of posting, I will try and present menus to you that help with the busy life of summer. I know, most of you young parents, are going to be living at some ball park, toting kids to swim lessons or meets, driving to summer camps, Bible schools, day cares, parks, parties—-the list goes on. I also want to give a heads up to those parents that work through the summer and have to handle those 9-5 jobs and still have to see about all those activities and still provide a nice meal at the end of the day. I also realize that when kids are home you still have to consider breakfast, lunch and snacks. This is a very busy time of the year! Hopefully, I can present menus that allow you more down time with the family, by hanging out in the backyard, rather than hurrying to get some form of meal on the table. I can promise you “FAST FOOD CHAINS” love these summer months. They provide the quick and easy for most of us but with a little careful planning, you can put some enjoyable and easy meals on the table.

So, pull out those note pads, mark your calendar, of what the upcoming activities are, and take a few minutes to plan those meals, your shopping and you can be a “HERO CHEF” to your family and friends. Yes, FRIENDS—-I don’t know about you, but when all my kids were at home, they brought tribe of friends to the house. So, you have to plan for those that stick around for a while—which seems like all summer.

Okay, everyone who lives in the south and on the coast, all know when HURRICANE SEASON KICKS OFF! I don’t know about you, but I often wonder, why they have to tell us every year, how to get prepared. They have a whole television program, showing what you need to buy, have on hand and how to get ready. So, for you FOODIES, who are not in the realm of the HURRICANE radius—YOU ARE THE ONES WHO NEED TO WATCH AND LISTEN TO ALL THAT STUFF, OF COURSE, ONLY IF YOU ARE MOVING HERE OR VISITING AT A TIME WHEN A HURRICANE OCCURS.

I know some of you, NON-HURRICANE FOODIES might be wondering why I say this. Well, this is a very short explanation of my POST. First of all, you know, we have “HURRICANE PARTIES, HURRICANE BEVERAGES, etc.” Anyone, who lives in this area, can agree with what I am about to say—“WE PEOPLE, ARE ALWAYS HAVING PARTIES OR ENTERTAINING! SO, WE ARE ALWAYS PREPARED FOR WHATEVER MAY COME! WE CAN OUTLAST AND ENDURE MOST ANYTHING- YOU THROW OUR WAY!” KATRINA knocked us pretty good, but it only made us stronger and more diligent!

Today, take time to reflect on D-DAY. This operation on June 6, 1944, brought together the land, air and sea forces of the allied armies in what became known as the largest AMPHIBIOUS INVASION in MILITARY HISTORY! Wrap your head around that those brave people were the ages of 18 and 19!!!!!!!!

Have a great and productive weekend!

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