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Today’s Menu:

Alice’s Spicy Shrimp or Crawfish Pasta Casserole

Mean Green Collards

Good Morning Foodies! If you plan to partake of the MARDI GRAS festivities, better get working on those costumes. NO COSTUME—YOU SAY—then at least wear a GREAT MASK! You get away with more monkey-shines, when behind that mask! “JUST ASK THE LONE RANGER, BATMAN, CATWOMAN!!!!!!!!

Today’s casserole is such a great one to have around for almost any holiday. Now, if only our little crawdads would cooperate and get their butts above ground! I have a feeling this is going to be a tough season to get our fill of CRAWFISH! Probably will have to get a loan at your local bank to buy them. You know the saying, “MONEY CAN’T BUY HAPPINESS BUT IT CAN BUY CRAWFISH—THAT’S SORT OF THE SAME THING!”

Have a great day!

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