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Mothers Day Part Two!

May 9, 2013:

Good Morning Foodies!  Once again this is Repeat Wednesday which falls on Thursday.  I have only one thing to say today.  I want to wish my first born child, Craig, a very happy birthday.  He is the reason I had my first MOTHERS’ DAY!  I could not think of a better gift.  He has enriched my life by having the most beautiful and talented wife, Nicole.  The best part is the four beautiful GRAND PEEPS they have blessed me and hubby with.  I am truly blessed and going to enjoy all the wet kisses and tight hugs I can get this weekend and any day that follows!  I hope all you MOTHERS have a most wonderful and memorable weekend!  As my HUBBY always tells me, “EVERYDAY IS MOTHERS’ DAY!”  I like that!  Be safe and share this most precious holiday with whoever fulfills that role of MOTHER for you!

Today’s Menu:
Craig's Birthday Cake
Happy Birthday Craig! Amazing my son and I are the same age!
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