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Monday, January 7, 2012

Good Morning Foodies! Well, I am glad to say, that I feel like I am back in the land of the living. Now, the task is to take down those decorations. WHERE IS THAT ELF ON THE SHELF WHEN YOU NEED HIM! He is the one that causes all the decorations to be all over the place. Have to share a little story about my decorations with you. I have this nativity that my mother …made for me over 30 years ago. It has over 20 pieces. It is not the most beautiful set you will ever see, but, to me, it is the most magnificent piece of all my Christmas decorations—CAUSE MY MOMMIE MADE IT FOR ME! Every year that passes since her death makes me appreciate the set more and more. I am so protective of this gift from her. I do not let anyone pack or unpack it. I carefully wrap each piece when storing. This year when I opened the box and started unwrapping, I had a big hole in my stomach—MARY WAS MISSING! I must have taken that box apart 5 times, looking through tears—but no MARY! Hubby could see I was terribly upset. I told him I guess MARY had to be somewhere else. All season, as I passed the nativity, my heart would sink farther. I tried to put it out of my mind. I guess I was thinking “how do I replace her”? Anyway, yesterday, as I retrieved the box down to put up the pieces, I held the box so close to my heart and said a prayer to my mom. I asked her to please have MARY come back. I slowly opened the box—MARY WAS SITTING RIGHT ON TOP! I had to sit down and cry a bit! Sorry, to fill the post with that but it was a good day for me! Finished my little catering job for HUBBY and some special guests! Can’t say who they were—cause then I would have to silence you! Anyway, no pics, etc. -you get the idea! I guess I missed my 15 minutes of fame. A dear friend of mine said, “NO, THEY MISSED THEIR 15 MINUTES OF FAME BY NOT TAKING A PIC WITH GEAUX ASK ALICE!” Like that! So, TODAY IS A GREAT DAY! Now, let me see if I can go through that body frisk one more time before they leave! HAVE A GREAT DAY! Enjoy the BCS Championship Game as best as you can! Oh yes, and let us not forget—‘LAISSEZ LES BONS TEMPS ROULES!” Looks like busy times ahead! Have a great day!

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