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Monday, January 21, 2012

Good Morning Foodies! Well, I hope all the “MOLE” people got to come out from the soggy underground and enjoy the beautiful sunshine this past weekend! I actually had to look for my sunglasses and sunscreen! For the next two weeks of posting, I thought I would gear it toward the upcoming SUPER BOWL. I know many people gather and bring lots of food and beverages or better yet…go to THE BIG EASY! What a rocking time it will be in New Orleans! If you are not lucky enough to get to THE BIG EASY, I thought I would bring THE BIG EASY to you. Gotta feel bad for the WHO DAT NATION—I really think we got shafted this year. You know as the saying goes, “SOME DAYS, YOU’RE THE DOG; SOME DAYS YOU’RE THE HYDRANT!” Well, I think you know which one the SAINTS were! Look out next year! I hear the bounty price has gone up, especially for Roger Goodell! All I have to say to Mr. Goodell is, “IF ONLY CLOSED MINDS CAME WITH CLOSED MOUTHS!” So enjoy the sunshine while it lasts—you know in Louisiana, the rain shall return! Have a great day!

Todays Menu: Multi-Bean, Sausage and Bacon Soup  and Cheesy Crescent-City Roll-Ups  

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