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Monday, December 31, 2012

Good Morning Foodies! Well, we are about to close out another year. Seems just like yesterday, when we were getting ready for the YEAR 2000. Where does the time go! I have to say the only bad thing about all the holiday gatherings is that you tend to catch THE CRUD, from someone, near and dear to you. Well, I have 50 SHADES OF GRAY CRUD!!!!!!!!!!!! The crazy weather doesn’t help either. One day the AC on and the next the heater. Feeling pretty bad! I think I will try to figure out about 42 recipes for cough syrup. Could be quite interesting! I am also going to take advantage of the last days of over indulgence of fine food and wine. I know that SKINNY GIRL, inside of me wants out—I JUST SHUT HER UP WITH CHOCOLATE AND WINE! So, whatever your plans are, to bring in the new year, please be safe! I wish all of you a most wonderful and adventurous 2013! Just check the site periodically, I may post before the 15th, depending on how fast I get rid of this monkey on my back! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

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