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Monday, December 17, 2012

Good Morning Foodies! Well, today, I am posting with such a heavy heart. These last few weeks, I have been stressing, the importance of remembering and creating, fond memories for the upcoming holidays. Well, the events of this past week, has completely wiped out the whole idea of that. I think of those poor innocent children. To those innocent souls, CHRISTMAS, is the most important celebration of the year other than their birthdays. So, in one swoop, of some crazed individual, that whole idea is wiped out. For those families, that are involved (whether the child died or survived) their whole concept of fond family memories has been erased from their agenda. No longer will this holiday be a pleasant memory, no matter what they try to do to substitute for the tragedy. My heart just breaks for them! I really don’t know what to say or how to move on to another subject. This is smack dab in your face. All I can hope for, is that we all learn to love each other and have respect for those who differ in whatever beliefs we may have. You know, we all have those members of our family, we called the spare parts. You know only use them when you have to! Well, today, I think we can use all the spare parts we can put our hands on. So, I will try to move forward in the jester of the upcoming holiday and try to be positive. This will be my last week of posting until possibly January 15th. I will be off for the two weeks of Christmas and New Years. I have two weeks of doing some cooking for my own entertaining of family and friends. I know it is a long break, but if I can manage to get back before then, I will try. So for early ideas of the upcoming New Years’, I have done some menus, that are very typical, at our household during this time of year. One of these dishes is GUMBO! We all have our favorite versions of this most wonderful, crowd pleaser! So you can use my recipe or your own! I HAVE NOT MET A GUMBO I DIDN’T LIKE! The dessert was one of my dad’s favorite. It came from my mom’s side of the family from a Great Aunt. She made the best coconut cake I ever put in my mouth! Not sure where that saying, “YOU CAN’T HAVE YOUR CAKE AND EAT IT TOO!” comes from, but when I have cake I eat it! So, please, please take time today to love those in your life! Enjoy the day!

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