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Good Morning Foodies!

As I look at the date on my desk calendar, I realize that most schools are coming to a close, some families have left for early summer vacations, kids might be on SENIOR TRIPS, and some are just thinking, “A NICE LONG WEEKEND”!

I think, at one time or other, we tend to group those holidays of MEMORIAL DAY, FOURTH OF JULY AND VETERAN’S DAY! I am not thinking we are disrespectful, but maybe just not really understanding the differences of each of these holidays. Who can blame kids for thinking it is just a holiday to have fun.

I think, as we age, or actually know or knew someone, who was serving our country, we then, realize the importance of these holidays. I think maybe “HOLIDAY” is maybe not the best word to describe these days. I believe a better word would be, “REMEMBRANCES”!

MEMORIAL DAY is a time to honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice while protecting our freedom here in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! Numerous people across the country have family members and friends serving in the military while others know someone who lost their lives serving. Though the memories of those who passed never fade, MEMORIAL DAY helps honor their courage and sacrifice.

Many families get together for barbecues and other holiday traditions but the ultimate responsibility during that time has been and always will be remembering those who died while serving the UNITED STATES ARMED FORCES!!!!

I think it would be nice, if we as families, would raise the great flag of the UNITED STATES— and then lower it to HALF-MAST to pay homage to those great people. Remember it is because of these people, we can have those family barbecues and other traditions. TAKE A MOMENT!!!

KITCHEN WILL BE CLOSED UNTIL JUNE 13TH! Have some family projects we are working on. Have a great MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND!
Be safe out there and have a most productive weekend!

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