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Today’s Menu:

Sizzling Bacon-Wrapped Filets

Layered Potato, Mushroom, Onion Casserole

White Chocolate Cherry Cake

Good Morning Foodies! My jet is lagging again. I think I may have left my heart in San Francisco but should have left my credit cards at home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think as these airlines merge their services are greatly beginning to suffer. I have never seen so many things go wrong with flights. You are completely at their mercy! I can see why lately passengers have been thrown off planes because they lose it. I could easily have been one of them! All that aside, I did enjoy my time with my daughter and her hubby. We had some nice “GIRLIE TIME” while her hubby had meetings, etc. I am glad to be home. Hate to unpack!!!!!
September 25th is HUBBY AND MY 47TH ANNIVERSARY! This week I will post menus that I like to splurge on when I want a really nice and impressive dinner. Just add a little bubbly and the magic begins! Today’s menu is one of my all-time favorites – I just love steaks. I am always trying new ideas when cooking them but sometimes SIMPLE IS THE BEST!!! The dessert was one that my maternal grandmother would always make when it was a fancy or important occasion. I think of her often when I prepare it. See how a simple food can make you smile and bring back fabulous memories.
Have a great day and enjoy the beginning of FALL!!!!!!!!!!

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