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May 1, 2013: Good Morning Foodies!  So, here we are starting a new month!  To me, May is one of the busiest and craziest months of the year—other than maybe, December.  In this month, there are so many family celebrations and events that call us together.  We have FIRST COMMUNIONS, CONFRIMATIONS, MOTHERS’ DAY, GRADUATIONS, WEDDINGS/PARTIES, MEMORIAL DAY and let’s not forget all the FESTIVALS!!!!!!! It is a beautiful time of the year, so try to get out there and have some fun!  Today’s menu, centers on THE KENTUCKY DERBY!  This event just shows how much we Southerners will have a party for anything.  This event has nothing to do with Louisiana, (okay, we do like our horse races), but so many people have a big party for this, like it was something happening right in our backyard.  Last year, my son and daughter-in-law, had a big gathering for the DERBY.  Everyone had to dress up for the occasion!  It was a sight to behold.  Ladies in their beautiful hats and attire to match!  After all, it is about the hats!  Some of the men came dressed as jockeys—NOT SO BEAUTIFUL!  Regardless, the point was to have a grand time and that they did!  I am sharing with you one of my most popular recipes—ALICE’S SAUSAGE BREAD!  In the fall, I usually set aside a day to make at least 10-12 loaves and put in the freezer.  I serve it with crawfish boils, as an appetizer, or just a side for a meal.  You will find it is so good that you would want to serve it every day.  I hope you enjoy today’s menu!  Have a great day!

Today’s Menu:
Mint Julep
Alice’s Sausage Bread
Southern Grits and Grillades
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