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Good Morning Foodies! I would venture to say that most of you all were attending or watching football games, hauling kids to soccer or volleyball meets, pushing men out the door to go hunting, or sitting there waiting for that first cold snap. You know when the temperature drops to 80, those gumbo pots start rattling. I can only dream! Ah yes, MONDAYS—what would we do without them! I always tell someone who is around me on MONDAY MORNINGS, LET ME DRINK MY SECOND CUP OF COFFEE—THIS IS FOR YOUR PROTECTION ONLY! YOU KNOW IF MONDAY HAD A FACE, I WOULD SLAP IT!!!!! So now, I am going to be positive and don’t let that MONDAY BLUE DAY GET ME DOWN! Don’t know about you but my house on MONDAY MORNINGS LOOKS LIKE A TORNADO WENT THROUGH IT! How can that be there are only two of us here (BUT WE DO KNOW WHO MAKES THE MOST MESS!) I have one time-saver for you: “DON’T DUST COFFEE TABLES, END TABLES AND COUNTER TOPS—YOU CAN USE THEM AS MESSAGE BOARDS!” Enjoy today’s menu and have a GREAT MONDAY!!!!!!!!

Today’s Menu:

Lime Pesto Tuna Steaks
Lemony Couscous Salad with Asparagus and Cherry Tomatoes

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