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Good Morning Foodies! The Morrow Household is close to one month now waiting for CHARTER to rectify my computer service problems. Every time the doorbell rings, it is a different service guy. They look at the job and say I will be right back and never cross the threshold again. One of the guys, almost just out of diapers, was hurrying so he could make a concert! Geezzzzzz! I told one of the service guys, “YOU KNOW I NEVER MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE TWICE, I MAKE IT FIVE OR SIX TIMES, JUST TO MAKE SURE! I THINK THAT IS WHAT YOU ARE DOING!” He did not see the humor in it! He said the wireless could not go through a certain wall. I called HUBBY and said, “YOU WANT TO KNOCK DOWN A WALL!” Charter guy then said, “GET A LAPTOP!” I asked if that was my only options! His response was: SHRUGGED HIS SHOULDERS AND SAID NOT MY DEPARTMENT! Maybe I should shut down my internet. You know thanks to the internet, you can go deep in debt without ever leaving your house! I think I will just stick to my cooking and leave it at that! Have a great day!


Today’s Menu:

Ginger Stir-Fry Shrimp and Snow Peas
Chocolate Nutty Fudge Brownies


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