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Good Morning Foodies! Today is also known as “URGENCY DAY”! My hope for you all is that you are past all this craziness of last minute shopping. I thought I would share with you a little project we tried at our family gathering for the GRAND PEEPS! I saw a picture of these “SKEWERED GRINCHES”! They were so cute but let me tell you it was more work than it looked. Here is how it goes: You get a decorative plastic toothpick or plain and skewer in this order:

1-Minature marshmallows

2-Whole strawberries with stem removed (pointed end goes on first)

3-A thin slice of banana

4-A green grape

The problems that arose were that the toothpick is not long enough. You have to cut the strawberry so the other items fit. The grape has to be the perfect size. Have you seen the green grapes lately—they are the size of ping pong balls. Anyway, GRAND PEEP-BLAIR, gave it her all and she tried her best. It is a very cute idea but needs some tweaking and maybe some twerking! She had fun so that is all that counts!

My final thought for you today is: “THIS HOLIDAY IS A TIME TO COME TOGETHER AND CARRY ON THOSE GREAT TRADITIONS OR MAYBE EVEN CREATE NEW ONES!” Have a great and blessed Christmas Eve and Day! Enjoy the love around you!

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