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Top 5 gadgets

Grilling Authorities Top “5” gadgets u must have !

Top 5 gadgets
Top 5 gadgets

Top 5 gadgets 1 Top 5 gadgets 2 Top 5 gadgets 3 Top 5 gadgets 5

Today I am going to feature the TOP “5” UTENSILS/GADGETS that the “AUTHORITIES ON GRILLING” say every household should have. Since with FATHERS’ DAY this coming weekend, I guess we all need to run out and get all “5” of the UTENSILS/GADGETS!
Here is what they AUTHORITIES say we need:
1-Sturdy Grilling Tools (Tongs, Spatulas)
2-Instant Thermometers
3-Sturdy Skewers
4-Essential Grill Pans to fit your needs
5-A Chimney Starter (I have seen these but never used them. It is strictly when using charcoal, not gas grills.)

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