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Today’s Menu:

 Savory Baked Breaded Pork Chops

Zucchini Gratin


Good Morning Foodies! You can see I flip-flopped the title words. Doesn’t matter—still fits the bill when it comes to cooking these foods. I cannot stress enough that meal preparation should be easy, simple, good and eye-catching. These are all easy enough to attain if you just do some planning. Once you get the hang of advanced planning, you will be amazed at yourself. My kids always laugh at me when I set tables ahead of time. I would just tell them I would pass the duster over the dishes and table setting. I get weird looks. I also tell them that HALLOWEEN is the easiest to plan ahead. You don’t have to remove the cobwebs—IT IS PART OF THE DECORATIONS ON THE TABLE! I love their reactions. I know there are some of you homemakers that say, “I WANT MY NEXT KITCHEN TO BE A HUGE VENDING MACHINE!” Nice thought! Have a great day!

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