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GO WEST!!!!!!!

Good Morning Foodies! Well, I think I am packed and ready to go to San Francisco. I am prepared for that foggy, cool weather. Just hope the earthquakes stay silent while we are there. I figure we will do the typical tourist things like: FISHERMAN’S WHARF, UNION SQUARE, GHIRARDELLI, GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE/PARK AREA, CHINA TOWN—-IF ANY OF YOU HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS, PLEASE SEND OUR WAY!
Sometimes, I am just content to walk around and find new and interesting things. The tourist traps can be deadly at times. Maybe we could do a zip line across the bay—-YES, I AM KIDDING!
Today is a short posting day because I am out the door as soon as I finish posting. Check the site because I will share whatever I think you might be interested in.
Will not post again until Tuesday, September 23.
Have a very safe and productive week and weekend!
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