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Today’s Menu:

Spicy Roasted Chickpeas

Delicious Slow-Cooker Beef Roast 

Wonderful Mojito Bars 

Good Morning Foodies! So sorry for the delay of posting. My computer has a mind of its own and went on vacation. Not a good day today! Just had to put down our 15 year old lab, RIP MEAUX! Sweet, K.C. Singletary, came to the house and helped her to the other side. Old MEAUX is now at peace! As you can see I was on the move this past weekend. HUBBY and I got to see our SON, CRAIG, be sworn in as the upcoming President-Elect of the LOUISIANA ASSOCIATION OF JUSTICES. Yes, I was one proud peacock momma, spreading my joyful feathers. If you are a parent, you know we all like to see our children succeed in something that makes them happy. It should not be something they do for us but for themselves. I know that is a fine line to travel. We had a fabulous 4 days in THE BIG EASY. I just love to go there. It just seems to put you in a joyful mood and makes your stomach growl as soon as you hit the perimeter of the city.
I came home and unpacked but am packing again. My daughter, CHARLOTTE and her hubby, AL have invited me to go with them to SAN FRANCISCO for 4 days. I am looking forward to this trip. I have not been to that city in several years. I have flown in and out of the airport but not actually stayed for any length of time. Charlotte and I plan on hitting all the high spots during the day while her hubby has to attend meetings. Then, the plan is to gather for a nice evening meal somewhere. Should be a very nice and relaxing trip for me!
Today’s posting will be a regular menu and tomorrow will be a REPEAT MENU and that will be my last posting for this week. I will not be back until Tuesday, September 23rd. I absolutely have to get back because it is the week of celebrating 47 YEARS MARRIED TO HUBBY. Looks like more festivities are lining up.
I also wanted to give a heads up to a new festival this weekend here in Opelousas. It is the ST. LANDRY PARISH BBQ FESTIVAL. It is being held in the YAMBILEE BUILDING on September 19-21st. I am not sure who is putting this on and sorry to say have no other information to share with you. I guess you could call the CHAMBER OF COMMERCE and they could maybe give you some more information.
Have a nice day!

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