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Good Morning Foodies! When you look at your calendar, you can see that tomorrow is the FIRST DAY OF SPRING! I am not sure if OLD MAN WINTER is finished with us quite yet. I just try to enjoy the spring days that we get.

This past weekend and the following days were chock-a-block of activities. HUBBY and I were so excited to have GRAND PEEP, SOPHIA and her parents spend the weekend with us. It is so funny to watch the world move through a child’s eyes. It is amazing that something that small has four grown adults on their toes every minute of the day!

In all honesty, one of the best things about having my PEEPS AND GRAND PEEPS, come to visit,–is that they can help with all the electronic stuff. I immediately say, “WOULD YOU PLEASE GO THROUGH THE HOUSE AND FIX EVERYTHING THAT IS BLINKING!” I was listening to a conversations between my daughter, daughter-in-law and grand peep. They were discussing something about phones, clouds, instagrams, facetime—on and on and on! I was wondering if there was a ROSETTA STONE PROGRAM for us GERIATRIC GENERATION! GEEEZZZZZ! I also learned that we have a SMART TV, BUT THE OWNERS, ARE DUMB BUTTS! When I hear them talking about “TWEETING, TWERKING, ETC.”, I want to ask, “IS THAT A DANGLING PARTICIPLE!” I know you FOODIES, MY AGE, have heard that word once or twice while in high school. I was wondering if they even teach that any more!

I also proved this weekend that MEN, once again, cannot MULTI-TASK! Since my daughter and I were doing the race on Saturday morning, we left her HUBBY and mine in charge of the 19-MONTH OLD GRAND PEEP. I prepped the scrambled egg/ham, placed it in a container, place the microwave dish to put the egg mixture in on counter, pulled HUBBY over and explained how to prepare this dish. My daughter, wrote down instructions for the time we were to be gone. Needless to say, when we got back, nothing we said or wrote down was accomplished. I told my daughter, here is a little trick I learned a long time ago. If you give a man one simple instruction, he will not do it or he will call you and ask for further explanation. Here is the kicker: If you give him more detailed instructions, he is so confused and will not call you because it shows he was not listening and cannot multi task. So at this point, HE FIGURES OUT HOW TO DO IT—MIGHT NOT BE HOW YOU WANTED IT BUT IT GETS DONE! MOST IMPORTANTLY, THEY HAVE NO CLUE THAT YOU PLANNED IT THAT WAY!

Have a great and productive weekend and be safe!

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