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Today’s Menu:

Zesty Baked Salmon in Foil Packets

Fried Potato Cakes

Good Morning Foodies! I hope you got to enjoy some of the beautiful spring weather we had. Just like I said, OLE MAN WINTER has raised his ugly head again. I can promise you that the bees and snakes are wanting this winter to be over. I cannot tell you how big and ugly the snakes are at the LODGE. The bees are attacking any and every thing that has a bloom on it. The birds are wanting to sit on eggs but you can see their little bodies, shivering! I don’t know about your yard but my azaleas want to bust out. I really tried to enjoy the beautiful spring days and just think of the rain as a good thing for my plants. As you can see, we are closing in on Easter. For the next couple of weeks leading up to this most wonderful religious holiday, I will feature some great LENTEN MEALS as well as some things that will bring you HOPPING ALONG TO MEET MR. EASTER BUNNY! Of course, we know, that MRS. EASTER BUNNY is the one kicking butt. Today’s recipe is one of my all-time favorites for this time of the year. I love to get fresh fish, almost any type of fish, wrap it up in foil with different types of garnishes and flavorings and put it on the grill or bake in the oven. These can almost become a whole meal in one! I hope you enjoy it! Have a great day!

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