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Good Morning Foodies! You know there is always going to positive and negative things about a subject, item, story, opinion—you name it! Even though, it is quite warm, this time of the year, I do like to sit outside while HUBBY grills and watch the sun go down, listen to the water fountain, wait for a nice little breeze, maybe sip a little wine, THEN—here come those little frogs. All these years, those frogs made the biggest noise and I assumed they were as big as bull frogs. One summer, one of the GRAND PEEPS caught one of those noisy little buggers. I was truly amazed how small they were. How can such a small creature fill up my back yard with vocals that would fill TIGER STADIUM! I thought about this for a bit then realized here is the positive twist to this!
All our lives, we tend to fear, those who yell the loudest or might be intimidating by their size, but here is that little voice that fills my backyard and gets my attention. We all need to know that we have a voice, and need to be validated, when we have something to contribute, to the situation. It does not always mean you are right but you can express yourself without being a “BULLY”! I do always make a note to myself, “JUST BECAUSE IT POPS INTO MY HEAD, DOES NOT MEAN IT SHOULD POP OUT OF MY MOUTH”!
I think one of the funniest things I can remember that “CRAZY AUNT” (YOU KNOW THE ONE WE ALL HAVE—I OFTEN WONDER IF I AM BECOMING THAT AUNT), would tell us when we were feeling down and out—–“IF YOU THINK YOU ARE TOO SMALL TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE…..SPEND A NIGHT WITH A MOSQUITO IN YOUR ROOM”! Yep, I think we can all relate to that!
I think the bottom line here is—“Sometimes we can take the SMALLEST STEP in the RIGHT DIRECTION which ends up being the BIGGEST STEP of your LIFE! TIP-TOE if you must but take that STEP!”
Have a great, safe and productive weekend!!!!

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