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June 4, 2013:

Good Morning Foodies! I guess everyone is out of school by now. So how many activities have you signed your kids up for! I always found summer was harder than the school year. Kids have to be all over the place: SUMMER CAMPS; SWIMMING LESSONS; BASKETBALL OR SOCCER WORKSHOPS; VACATIONS; DRIVING LESSONS; SUMMER JOBS; DANCE PROGRAMS; GOD FORBID—SUMMER SCHOOL! I can remember when school was out—YOU TOOK OFF YOUR SHOES, WENT BAREFOOT ALL SUMMER; RODE YOUR BIKE UNTIL THE SUN WENT DOWN; JUST PLAYED OUTSIDE AND USED YOUR IMAGINATION! Don’t care what you say—simple is better here. You know for me, another day has passed, and I didn’t use ALGEBRA, once! Hated MATH!

Thinking, get those kids out in the yard and let them work the gardens and teach them to prepare the veggies. I have found that if they grow it, take care of it, pick it, and cook it, they will at least try and eat it. Added a special dessert today—one of my Dad’s favorites! I know some of you “OLDIES BUT GOODIES!”-will remember this goodie! Doing in honor of his upcoming birthday and Father’s Day! Enjoy! SO GIVE IT A TRY!!!!!!!! Have a great day!


Today’s Menu:
Creole Tomatoes Stuffed With Crabmeat Salad
Alice’s Coke Cake


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