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Good Morning Foodies! I just can’t believe we are 6 months, into this year, already. I use to think, it was a feeling of elderly people, but I do hear the younger generation, complaining how time does fly! I find it so strange with all the fang-dangle electronic devices, to help our daily lives, just makes me feel, like I just get further and further behind. God knows, when the electricity goes out it takes me 2 days to reset all the clocks, etc. We just have to keep focused on the present and not get frustrated. Try to remember: “HAPPINESS IS NOT A DESTINATION—IT IS A WAY OF LIFE!” We should all, LAUGH AS MUCH AS WE BREATHE!

I am sure those of you whom have gardens, they must be kicking into gear, just about now. Last night, Hubby and I grilled some fish and had our first Creole Tomato and homegrown cucumber salad. We also grilled some tomatoes with onions, bell peppers and mushrooms. Gotta love those fresh veggies. So I think I will do like last year, at this time, I will feature recipes trying to use up some of those veggies and let’s not forget those wonderful fresh fruits. If you have any request or suggestions, please share! By the way, congrats to my Tigers for winning the baseball regional, this past weekend. I hope they get a little more respect and are on TV for the super regionals. Don’t even get me started on how ESPN has too much control over what sporting events we get to watch! Have a great day!


Today’s Menu:

Alice’s Favorite Julienned Zucchini with Pasta
Sabayon Cream for Fruit


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