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July 8, 2013:

Good Morning Foodies! I hope all of you had a most wonderful extended FOURTH OF JULY holiday. It was amazing how beautiful the weather was. Just that little drop in the humidity, not only has mercy on your hair but puts you in a great mood! I have been told that it is CRAB SEASON! I don’t know about you but when I was growing up, CRABBING SEASON, always fell around EASTER. It didn’t matter when EASTER was, we went crabbing on GOOD FRIDAY. We would put one of those wooden stakes in the ground, tie some twine on the stake and a chicken neck on the other end, drop it in the water and watch for the string to be pulled, then we would carefully pull the string in and scoop up the crabs with a net. So much fun and we caught bushels and bushels of those wonderful critters. So, I guess someone must of told the CRABS, they can only come out when it is their season—NO SOONER OR NO LATER! Anyway, I love crabs. I do not think I have ever had a crab dish that I did not like. It is so subtle in its taste but that sweetness makes it so versatile. I will be posting some of the CRAB DISHES that I like. There are so many recipes so if you have a favorite, share by all means. I am always looking for new ways to prepare CRABMEAT!

I would like to close today in extending my sympathies to the SEBASTIEN family. They lost their mother this past weekend. Such a large and wonderful family! Not sure if it was CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN, BUT THIS GROUP IS DEFINTELY SWEETER BY THE DOZEN! I don’t know all the siblings but it is strange that the ones I do, were friends of my children, but as time has gone on, they have become my friends! I really like that! I know losing a MOTHER is a very hard thing. All I can say to these wonderful people, no matter how far away your MOTHER is, you can always feel her love. It might be something as simple as her favorite coffee mug, a blanket she crocheted, a piece of jewelry she passed on to you or preparing one of her famous dishes—that simple object, thought, feeling will make it feel like SHE is right there beside you always. So my friends, take comfort in that!

May you all have a very blessed day!

Today’s Menu:

Broiled Creole Tomatoes Topped with Avocado Vinaigrette Infused Crabmeat
Andouille, Spinach, Cheese Breakfast Muffins

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