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Bus used for Cajun Food Tours


July 9, 2013:

Good Morning Foodies! I just wanted to give you a quick rundown of our Cajun Food Tours. It is a minivan that holds 14 people. The tour is owned and ran by Marie Ducote ( Her phone number is (337)230-6169. Her website is My niece Missy Bienvenu Andrade, who is employed by the Lafayette Chamber of Commerce, pulled this gathering together for all of the MORROW FEMALES. There are 2 tours per day, one in morning and one in the evening. You begin by meeting the bus in the parking lot of the Hilton on Pinhook. Ms. Ducote then proceeds to drive in different directions and gives quite a little history of Lafayette. I learned some quite interesting facts that I never knew. We visited the following eateries: JOHNSON’S BOUCANIERE; OLDE TYME GROCERY; STEVE N PAT’S BON TEMPS GRILL; DEANO’S SOUTH; 1895 CAJUN CUISINE & PUB; BLUE DOG CAFÉ. I will not begin to tell you what we were served, because I think part of the charm is the anticipation of what is going to be served. I think it is a great experience for everyone to try at least once. We sounded like a bunch of cackling hens. Ms. Ducote thought we had not seen each other in ages. It was just a great time for AUNTS, SISTERS, MOTHERS, DAUGHTERS, NIECES, ETC. to come together and just enjoy each other. We laughed so much. I just think anytime you can spend quality time with family and loved ones, DO IT!!!!!!!!!!! So check out the site and book a tour, YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!

Now, getting back to FOOD! I am still on the CRAB TRACK! I absolutely love crabs and could lather myself in crabmeat! Today’s menu will again feature a recipe for crabmeat and also a recipe for those wonderful peaches. If any of you are canning experts and can peaches, you are going to love this recipe. The DELICIOUS PEACH BARS recipe I am sharing with you calls for peach preserves. I gave the name of one preserve, my friend, Stephen Sebastien, gave me. Do not fret if you can’t find that brand, just use one that you love. I think it is important to use a very good quality preserve. Have a most wonderful day!

Today’s Menu:
Crab Stuffed Jumbo Pasta Shells
Kale Caesar Salad
Delicious Peach Bars

Bus used for Cajun Food Tours
Bus used for Cajun Food Tours for the Lafayette Louisiana Area
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