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Good Morning Foodies: I have a very busy weekend coming up. Some of our dear friends from out of state are coming for a few days. With that said, I am not sure when I will repost. I do know I will not post on Monday (October 13) and Tuesday (October 14). I am shooting for posting on Wednesday, October 15th. I am looking forward to this weekend. Some of these friends I have not seen in a year and they are so much fun. Now if my TIGERS can make the weekend not such a disappointment! I think the game between FLORIDA GATORS AND LSU TIGERS is anybody’s game. Both teams are in a funk right now.
With this nice cool weather, I noticed when I walked around outside, that those “HUGE BANANA SPIDERS” are everywhere. I think they are pretty but really disgusting when they land on you. HUBBY convinced me once to ride on the 4-wheeler around the property. My God, we must have run through a million of those WEBS. I don’t think HUBBY thought I could scream that loud. When I finally got him to stop, they were crawling all over the 4-wheeler, me and HUBBY! My definition of a “SPIDER WEB” is something you encounter just strolling around and BAM, you are wrapped up in this stringy stuff and you all of a sudden become a “KARATE MASTER”! All the grace I possess goes out the window. HATE SPIDERS AND WEBS!!!!!!!!!
I am hoping the weather will be nice this weekend to enjoy the beautiful FULL MOON! I know it calls for rain but keeping my fingers crossed that it will be amazing! If not, just make what you are doing—AMAZING!
Have a safe and productive weekend! Hope to be back on Wednesday, October 15th. These friends may never leave!!!!!!!!!!!!

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