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Good Morning Foodies!

Packing my bags! Along with HUBBY and a few friends, getting on a jet plane and heading to “ITALY”—my most favorite place to visit! I like to think this is a nice way of spending my “BIG-70TH BIRTHDAY”! Don’t care where I am going just like to be there. Just because “YOU WANDER, does not mean you are LOST! Will try to post as much as I can about this wonderful trip!

Today will be my last posting until Tuesday, May 1st! I know this will be a crammed time for me to post, as well as, what is going on with all you “FOODIES”! April and May are crazy months—so much coming up! “END OF SCHOOL YEAR EVENTS; NO JAZZ FEST; FESTIVAL INTERNATIONAL IN LAFAYETTE; KENTUCKY DERBY; CINCO DE MAYO; MOTHERS’ DAY; MEMORIAL DAY—JUST TO MENTION A FEW! The SENIOR ANGELS will be putting on their ANNUAL CARD GAME DAY on Wednesday, May 2nd (make-up date due to cancellation this past February for bad weather/flu season). Not going to be a dull few weeks for sure!

Also mark your calendars for Wednesday, April 25th, which is SECRETARY’S DAY! These are the people in many offices that are the COGS, GEARS AND TURNING WHEELS for businesses! Not to mention, they can become your best friend, protector, mentor, supporter, no matter what situation comes up! THEY ALWAYS HAVE YOUR BACK! Take time to THANK THEM and tell them how much you appreciate their hard work!

I always try to remember, “IN EVERYTHING GIVE THANKS”! There are days when I say, “Dear GOD, I want to take a MINUTE, not to ASK for ANYTHING from YOU, but simply THANK YOU, for ALL I HAVE!”

In closing today, want to wish my beautiful daughter, CELESTE and her fantastic HUBBY, JOE a very HAPPY ANNIVERSARY. They will be celebrating their special day on Sunday, APRIL 15th. Those two fabulous, cutie pie daughters, SOPHIA and GABRIELLE-are the best gifts you can ever have! Enjoy your most special day! Love you!

Everyone be safe and sound until I get back to posting on MAY 1ST—MAY POLE DAY!
Have a safe and productive weekend!

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