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Today’s Menu:

Pot-Roasted Boneless Quail with Mushroom Gravy

Dr. Bobbie’s Choke Potatoes

Mini Pumpkin Pecan Pies

Good Morning Foodies! Every time I cook quail or even Cornish hens, it brings a smile to my face. When I was teaching SPECIAL EDUCATION, I had one student who just loved TURKEY. He could not get enough of it. He always said he wished THANKSGIVING WAS EVERYDAY! I am thinking he would challenge my cooking skills today. Don’t know if I could come up with that many TURKEY RECIPES. Anyway, one year, after returning from THANKSGIVING HOLIDAYS, I asked my student did he enjoy his turkey meals. He had sort of a sad face, so I figured maybe he didn’t get his turkey. He told me that he was sad because they had to eat baby turkeys. I was sort of confused by that. I asked his mother one day about that story and she laughed and said her mother had come in from up NORTH and wanted QUAIL instead of TURKEY! Need I say more! I am like my student, I like my TURKEY ON THANKSGIVING but I will cook my QUAIL on another day!
Have a great day!

Not your turn yet!!!
Not your turn yet!!!
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