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Good Morning Foodies!

I think I finally get a weekend with nothing to do. I will not say that too loud! I will try and enjoy the last few days of APRIL and hoping that MAY will continue to be a nice beautiful month. All those flowers should start to bloom and hopefully the pollen will subside.

I must say I have been enjoying CRAWFISH SEASON this year. I do not think I have had a bad batch yet. I always look forward to this time of year when the weather warms and those MUDBUGS start to leave their little winter condos way deep down in the ground or marsh.

I am always searching new ways to prepare these wonderful seafood delicacies. I know you can’t go wrong with the LOUISIANA CLASSIC DISHES like etouffee, bisque, dips, po-boys, stews—on and on! There is something about gathering with families or friends in the backyard, on the porch or around a dinner table and spreading those wonderful CRAWFISH DISHES!

Someone once told me that CRAWFISH are HEARTWARMING, FLAVORFUL AND PACKED WITH NOSTALGIA! Pretty much sums that up. Whether you stick to the TRADITIONAL or gear over to something NEW-FANGLED—you just can’t beat those CRAWDAD’S! If you are not from the area, you need to put this on your BUCKET LIST! GET OUT THERE AND BREAK TAILS AND SUCK THOSE HEADS!!!!!

Have a safe and productive weekend! SEE YOU IN MAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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