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The Red Solo Cup!

Your amazing, pretty much always on hand, Gadget for the day! The Red Solo Cup!

The Red Solo Cup!
The Red Solo Cup!

Don’t laugh at today’s GADGET! If you are ever in search of a measuring cup, and for some reason, it is hiding from you—GRAB YOUR RED SOLO CUP! The lines on the RED SOLO CUP are MEASUREMENT MARKS! Yep, you heard me!
The bottom line represents 1 oz.; the middle line represents 5 ozs.; the top line represents 12 ozs. So if you need to measure the amount of WINE you are drinking—THERE YOU GEAUX!

Seriously, if you are camping or in a place that has no measurement cups-this is your answer. WE ALL KNOW EVERYONE HAS A RED SOLO CUP!

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