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Good Morning Foodies! Well, all I can say is “BOO-HOO—BOO-HOO”! My TIGERS are not looking good! Running out of excuses, I think! Wondering if they can pull off the last two games. If not they will be 7 and 5. When was the last time you heard that! UGH! At least my, “WHO DAT!” team looked awesome!

This is going to be a short week for me. My exercise gals and myself, are heading to “The GRAND” in Fairhope, AL, for a weekend of being pampered and being silly! So looking forward to this trip! We have been planning it for a long time but it always got cancelled. Today’s menu is a great one for the upcoming busy days that are sneaking around the corner. Easy and delicious, all in one pot. I will do REPEAT WEDNESDAY this week but no posting on Thursday and will be back on Tuesday, November 19th. The rest of the month will be geared toward some helpful ideas for the THANKSGIVING HOLIDAYS! SOMEDAYS I WISH I COULD HAVE AN EXTRA DAY BETWEEN SATURDAY AND SUNDAY—SURE WOULD BE NICE! Don’t forget to bundle up—YES, FINALLY, THAT FREEZING COLD WEATHER IS COMING IN! I love it because cold weather is permission to eat all that warm, comfy food! Have a great day!


Today’s Menu:

Easy Crock Pot Pork Chops
Sweet Butter Pecan Roasted Yams

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